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By Maximillien de Lafayette

It includes:
1-Anunnaki chronology and their time on the earth since1,250.000 B.C., degree via stage.
2-450,000-460,000 B.C.
3-449,000 B.C.
4-446,000-445,000 B.C.
5-440.000-430.000 B.C.
6-415,000-416,000 B.C.
7-400,000 B.C.
8-380,000 B.C.
9-350,000 B.C.
10-Revolt of the Igigi
11-The Igigi created the 1st quasi human/robots
12-340,000 B.C.
14-272,000 B.C.
15-The Anunnaki genetic composition of Abel, and the way he suits within the Anunnaki-Bible equation
16-200,000-195,000 B.C.
17-160,000 B.C.
18-125,000-100,000 B.C.
19-Women of Light
20-75,000 B.C.
21-70,000 B.C.
22-65,000 B.C.
23-Adamu: one of many earliest types of people
24-Akamu “Akama”
26-Akamu “Akama”
28-Anafar Jin Markah
29-49,000-45,000 B.C.
30-49,000 B.C.
31-13,000 B.C.
32-12,000-10,500 B.C.
33-7,000 B.C.
34-4,750 B.C.
35-4,000 B.C.
36-3,800 -3,550 B.C.
37-3,800 B.C.
38-3,760 B.C.
39-3,550 B.C.
40-3,450 B.C.
41-3,100 B.C.
42-3,000 B.C.- 2,123 B.C.
43-3,000 B.C.
44-2,900 B.C.
45-2,650 B.C.
46-2,500 B.C.
47-2,371 B.C.
48-2,316 B.C.
49-2,300 B.C.
50-2,291 B.C.
51-2,255 B.C.
52-2,220 B.C.
53-2,200 B.C.
54-2,193 B.C.
55-2,180 B.C.
56-2,150 B.C.
57-2,130 B.C.
58-2,123 B.C.
59-2,100 B.C.
60-2,096 B.C.-1,363 B.C.
61-2,096 B.C.
62-2,095 B.C.
63-2,090 B.C.
64-2,080 B.C.
65-2,070 B.C.
66-2,065 B.C.
67-2,060 B.C.
68-2,055 B.C.
69-2,050 B.C.
70-2,048 B.C.
71-2,047 B.C.
72-2,041 B.C.
73-2,038 B.C.
74-2,029 B.C.
75-2,024 B.C.
76-2,113 B.C.
77-1,800 B.C.
78-1,760 B.C.
79-1,500 B.C.
80-1,363 B.C.
81-1,362-64 B.C.
82-1,260 B.C.-1,080 B.C.
83-1,260 B.C.
84-1,240 B.C.
85-1,200 B.C.
86-1,155 B.C.
87-1,114 to 1,076 B.C.
88-1,080 B.C.
89-1,000 B.C.
90-332 B.C.-64 B.C.
91-A family tree line of the descendants and/or remnants of the Anunnaki’s remnants on Earth
92-From Sumer, we have
93-From Babylon, we have
94-From Akkad, we have
95-From the kings of Isin, we have
96-From the Dynasty of Amurru, we have
97-From the Dynasty of Kassites, we have
98-From the Chaldean Dynasty, we have
99-The Phoenicians and the Anunnaki

Written by way of Maximillien de Lafayette, the area best authority at the Anunnaki. To his credit are: eleven foreign bestsellers, over 450 books, 12 encyclopedias, 12 dictionaries at the languages of the traditional global (Sumerian, Akkadian, Assyrian Aramaic, Chaldean Arab, Phoenician, Ugaritic, etc.) 6 volumes mega encyclopedia of the Anunnaki, and seventy two books at the Anunnaki and extraterrestrial civilizations.

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